Preconstruction Services

Mechanical Systems Design & Construction Solutions

By getting involved in your project at the design development phase, our preconstruction experts can work with your design team to identify, evaluate, and if acceptable, incorporate into your mechanical construction project a variety of innovative options. These can significantly enhance your facility's comfort, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Our preconstruction service experts can:

  • Develop a detailed guaranteed maximum price (GMP) estimate with supporting data and comparisons to similar projects. All fees will be solicited through competitive bidding. At each stage of the design process, we will use this budget as a benchmark for evaluating project costs.
  • Work with your design team to lay out the main industrial HVAC ductwork and piping. This helps ensure that it fits properly and enables us to resolve any conflicts. We will also estimate the proposed mains and compare the cost against the budget.
  • Review the design for other potential conflicts and constructability issues
  • Select and bid out long lead-time items, so you can design around those specific pieces of equipment.
  • Evaluate your proposed mechanical equipment's serviceability, and ensure that adequate service and support are available.
  • Give you the value of our extensive commercial heating and cooling services experience by sharing lessons we've learned from past projects.

By starting your project off in the right direction, our preconstruction services enable the professional mechanical systems design and planning required for successful project completion.