Trend IQ System Authorized Dealer

Advanced Building Management, Control & Automation System

Trend IQ Control SystemsIn tens of thousands of facilities across the country, Trend IQ is the system of choice for advanced building management and operations capabilities. With its combination of flexible integration options, advanced controllers and responsive sensing devices, Trend IQ lets you effectively and energy efficiently monitor and control heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and other building systems from anywhere in the world.

Trend IQ Control Systems gives you:

  • Flexible controller integration options that let you adapt to change and meet growth demands
  • Simplified integration with other building systems, so you get maximum value from your investment.
  • A wide choice of sensors for precise data gathering
  • Easy-to-use display units
  • Web-enabled power, convenience and flexibility
  • A complete array of information access options that make your data available to all authorized users whenever and wherever they need it
  • More effective energy management and reduced energy costs
  • More productive and efficient single or multiple facilities management
  • Improved facilities mechanical and lighting systems operating performance
  • Increased budget and cost control
  • Ongoing investment protection.

So talk to Illingworth-Kilgust Mechanical today. As an authorized Trend IQ dealer, we can help you select, install, integrate and maintain the Trend IQ system that’s best for you.