Schneider Electric Authorized Dealer

Building Automation Systems & Facilities Management Services

By combining a full range of facility automation system features with internet power and flexibility, opens up a new world of facilities management possibilities.

To ensure that you always have accurate information, Schneider Electric includes some of today's most advanced sensing devices. The S-Link intelligent temperature and humidity sensors enable precise, around-the-clock, real-time facilities HVAC systems monitoring, so you can achieve consistently optimum building comfort, productivity and economy.

By delivering cross-platform calendar, event and holiday scheduling, TSchneider Electric simplifies time management, too. You also get sophisticated alarm processing and routing to e-mail, pagers and cell phones.

In addition, Schneider Electric keeps your building control system protected and secure in a variety of ways. It supports standard Java authentication and encryption techniques. And to help prevent unauthorized database changes, the facility automation system keeps track of who has accessed the system, when the access occurred and what activities took place.

It's the wide array of powerful features, functions and benefits you need to meet the many complex challenges you face in today's facilities management environment.

Only Schneider Electric building automation systems (BAS) offers:

  • Openness & interoperability - The I/A Series fully supports industry standard open system protocols.
  • Web power - The I/A Series is designed from the ground up as a Java-based web-enabled product family.
  • Thin client, pure browser access for any size project.
  • A full range of control solutions - The MicroNet series of controllers is a complete line of fully programmable, open protocol controllers.
  • Innovative design - The S-Link series is an industry leading family of intelligent temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Investment protection - Brings the Internet to NETWORK 8000™ and DMS™ building automation systems.

So talk to Illingworth-Kilgust Mechanical now. As an authorized Schneider Electric dealer, we’ll be glad to tell you more about how Schneider Electric can help you manage your facilities more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before.