Honeywell WEBsAX Authorized Dealer

Building Automation Systems (BAS) Services

Honeywell's WEBsAX combines internet power and operating sophistication with a wide range of facility automation system configuration options and accessibility features. The result is maximum efficiency, control and economy.

Honeywell WEBsAXWEBsAX also gives you the flexibility you need to meet today's rapidly changing requirements. For example, you can communicate with LonWorks®, BACnet®, BACnet MSTP, Modbus® and third-party protocols at the controller level. So when your business changes, you can easily reconfigure your building control system to accommodate new conditions.

Furthermore, Honeywell's WEBsAX is web-based. That means you can access your building automation systems (BAS) from anywhere in the world. And since all you need is your web browser, you don't have to buy additional workstations or application software, a significant cost savings. In addition, you can set and prioritize alarms for delivery via e-mail, phone, cell phone, PDA and/or remote printer.

Honeywell's WEBsAX helps you successfully handle today's energy demands, too. By letting you coordinate HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems, lighting and other energy-consuming systems, it allows you to use energy only when and where it's needed. As a result, you can reduce energy consumption, while providing the comfortable and productive environment employees and tenants need to perform at their best.

So talk to Illingworth-Kilgust Mechanical today. As a Honeywell WEBsAX authorized dealer, we can show you the many ways these building automation systems can enable you to meet your most demanding facilities management challenges.